Review: “Totem Destroyer”

This is a wonderfully addictive Flash game: Totem Destroyer. Like all good games, it’s simple to learn, but more difficult to master. The premise is that there is a tower of blocks, with an idol at the top. You have to destroy a certain number of blocks, bringing the idol down near ground level, without letting it actually touch the ground.

You destroy a block simply by clicking it, but that will typically cause other blocks to fall, either by removing their support, or disrupting the centre-of-gravity of a balancing section. Some blocks can’t be destroyed, making it a little trickier, and others are a little more bouncy and slippy than most.

The visuals are fairly simple, but very nicely made, and the audio is reasonably good. The music gets a little repetitive after a while, but not irritatingly so. The physics system is very effective, and I haven’t noticed any significant flaws with it. In terms of interface, it is not too cluttered — all the information you need is right there without getting in the way, and it always lets you know what’s going on at any particular time. The input is beautifully simple as well… just point and click, and it’s very responsive.

The gameplay never really changes level-to-level — the puzzles just get more difficult, which is a perfectly reasonable way to implement a game. Personally, I like the fact that it has no time limit, and that you can come back and easily jump to whatever level you left.

All in all, it is a great casual game. The concept seems to be quite original, but it’s simple enough to understand right away. Highly recommended! And as a side note, it would be awesome to see something like this on the Wii console… it’s like a simpler 2d version of “Boom Blox”.

(There is a sequel too, which adds some complexity to the gameplay: Totem Destroyer 2.)

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