Review: “Splitter”

Splitter” is a fascinatingly casual web-game. The objective is simply to get the little yellow dude to the level exit, but you cannot control him directly. Rather, you need to modify the level in various ways, causing it to dynamically respond, achieving your goal, or foiling your plans.

It’s hard to describe exactly how the gameplay works. Imagine it like other physics sandbox games like “Magic Pen”, but instead of creating stuff to achieve your goal, you are actually splitting it with a knife (hence the name) in very precise ways.

The graphics are simple but pleasant, and the audio is reasonable. The interface works nicely, with a wonderful simple control scheme… just click and drag where you want to cut, and that’s it. The physics responds nicely in various ways, and makes for a very enjoyable playing experience. Limits on the number of cuts you can make in a given level provide a good challenge.

It’s too late at night for me to go into much further analysis… I suggest you just play this game for yourself… it’s well worth it! 🙂

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