Fantastic Contraption

I’m a stickler for a good bit of physical modelling, especially when it’s used in games. We’ve seen quite a few Flash games of this type lately, but here’s one which is just different enough to stand out: Fantastic Contraption.

The basic permise is, as usual, get the red block/ball into the goal area. Unlike many other physics games though, you have no apparent limit on what you can use to achieve it (i.e. no ‘budget’). It is also a little simpler in some ways, because the complexity of contraptions you can build is somewhat limited. However, the challenges have been very well designed to fit, and it is an enjoyable intellectual exercise, as well as being mighty good fun!

I will, however, remark that the interface is not nearly so responsive as I would like. In all fairness, this is a problem I find with a great many Flash components these days — either my computer is older than I like to imagine, or programmers are getting even less concerned about efficiency (or more likely, both!). That being said, it is a game that is well worth a play about with. The facility to save your designs online for other people to access is pretty nifty too.

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