Review: “8 Ball Quick Fire Pool”

[game screenshot]Don’t let the name fool you — “8 Ball Quick Fire Pool” game isn’t actually 8 ball rules. Rather, it’s a fun single-player game. The rules are somewhat similar to straight pool (or 14.1 continuous), in that you are allowed to hit and pot any ball you like, and you score points each time you do so. However, it is also a race against the clock, so speed is encouraged.

There are lots of things I like about this game. First and foremost is the fact that is very well polished. There are no rough edges or unnecessary extra features in it. It is all about potting as many racks of pool balls as possible in quick succession. The polish is certainly enhanced a lot by excellent top-down graphics.

The control scheme is a little unusual. You click and hold the mouse in the direction you want the cue ball to go, and then pull-back and release from there to set the power and launch the shot. Some players might complain that it takes some of the skill out of it, but I think it’s ideal for casual players like me. Similarly, it has indicator lines to show the direction the cue ball and the target ball will go after the first hit. It’s perhaps not to all players’ tastes, but great for those of us who aren’t pool champs!

The gameplay is very fast-paced and interesting. The opportunity to build multipliers by scoring streaks of multiple pots keeps things exciting, and encourages some strategy amidst the haste. It also relies on self-challenge, which is encouraged by some excellent statistics about your achievements so far.

Overall, I think this is a prime example of a casual game. It is simple but exciting, and brilliantly implemented. One potential area for improvement would be more unlockable features, such as different table designs, and perhaps specific achievement medals, such as “streak of 10 pots” or “5 racks in one game”, and so on.

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