Give them computing… but not too much!

All around the world, we are seeing the pros and cons of computers. Education is a major part of the thrust in various aspects of computing right now, whether it is computing classes for prisoners in Pakistan or senior citizens in Illinois, virtual classrooms for universities in India, or even a double-glazing company donating computers to a school in the UK. Read more Give them computing… but not too much!

What is “hiberfil.sys”?

I noticed that my hard disk was down to less than 1GB free this evening, so I decided to do a clear out. I am running a rather crusty old Windows XP Pro installation, and on my usual rounds, I noticed a large file that I hadn’t noticed before, called “hiberfil.sys“. It was sitting in the root of the C drive, taking up around 1.5GB.

I’ve learned from experience (the hard way) not to go about randomly deleting files, especially when Windows displays them with a slightly faded-out icon, indicating they are supposed to be hidden/system files. Thankfully, a quick web-search revealed what I needed to know. Read more What is “hiberfil.sys”?

Confusing Petrol Pumps

I ran into an infuriating problem while attempting to fill my car with petrol at a Morrisons supermarket recently. The petrol pumps all looked fairly normal, except for the addition of a device below the petrol and price gauge. I had seen the kind of device before, from a distance — it was designed to let you pay directly at the pump if you have an appropriate card (I think it will take most credit/debit cards), rather than having to stand in line at the kiosk to pay. Read more Confusing Petrol Pumps