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Just-Eat is a company that offers an online menu and ordering system on behalf of takeaway or carryout restaurants. Dominos and Pizza Hut have been doing this for years at a franchise-wide level, but it’s not always feasible for individual restaurants to do it themselves. As a business concept, I think it’s a great idea — they definitely seem to have found a niche to serve.

Generally, the website shows good usability. The webpages have a clean and appealing design, which provides all the information you need without getting too cluttered. However, one page I particularly want to focus on is perhaps the most important — the credit/debit card entry page. The attached image shows the page as it appears for a Visa card.
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Information finding on

On a recommendation from my dad, I decided to try shopping at — it’s an online shop for various computing and other technological things. The experience was good and I had no trouble finding the products I wanted. However, there was an apparent lack of information in one key area.

Before I go into this, please don’t read this as any kind of criticism of the shop or its staff. This is simply intended as an analysis of a usability problem. As an online shop, the site is better than many I have used, so this one issue is not a big deal at all. Read more Information finding on