FlashDevelop demo — Slider Puzzle

I’ve blogged before about using FlashDevelop to make Flash games for free. Just for fun, I decided to do a very little project tonight… a simple slider puzzle game to challenge myself. I set myself a time target of 3 hours to build the whole thing (assets included) from scratch. Ultimately, I ended up with 3 and a half hours, but I got it working. You can see the result below… Read more FlashDevelop demo — Slider Puzzle

Making Flash games the free way

At one stage, developing Flash games required an expensive licence, or piracy. Thankfully, the open source FlashDevelop, along with things like the Flex SDK from Adobe, has changed all that. I’ve been working on a project with TuDocs Studios which has benefited from the availability of FlashDevelop, but admittedly I hadn’t got my teeth into much coding. I decided I needed to learn ActionScript though (it’s been on my ‘todo’ list for years!), and it’s been more straightforward than I had expected.
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Octapool iPhone app released

I’ve spent a little time this year working as an iPhone developer, and I’m pleased to report that “Octapool” was released onto the app store today. It’s a free app, based on a unique pool concept patented by Aarcee Ltd., played on an 8-sided table. The idea is to let people experience a little taste of Octapool, and possibly encourage them to buy a real table.

Octapool screenshot

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Installing Cocos2d on Windows 7

Please Note: I wrote this guide several years ago, so it’s probably out of date now.

Cocos2d is a free and open source game engine for the Python programming language. On a recent contract, I used the iPhone version of Cocos2d (in the Objective-C programming language). It worked fairly well, so I decided to try the original version. Unfortunately, the setup wasn’t quite as smooth as I would have hoped, and the installation instructions on the Cocos2d website are not terribly helpful, so below are the steps I followed to get it to work.

Please be aware that these instructions will not work forever. Different versions of software are not always compatible with each other, and there may be lots of updates between now and the time you read this. I’ve stated version numbers for each component below so you can compare with the versions you are installing. Read more Installing Cocos2d on Windows 7


At first, I thought that the GameMaker software (available from yoyogames.com) was going to be another in the long list of ‘hobbyist’ game making kits which can make 2 genres of game: bad, and worse.

However, I downloaded it anyway, and tinkered for a while. It looked interesting, but I really wasn’t impressed until I started working through the tutorials. After I understood the paradigm (which is actually very sensible if you follow good game-design practices), I was hooked! Turns out that it’s a great bit of kit, and it gets better the more you use it. Read more GameMaker