Review: “Ragdoll Cannon: Remake”

Ragdoll-simulation-based games seem pretty popular just now, and here’s a remake of a not-very-old game… “Ragdoll Cannon“. Simple but engaging concept: you have to get a ragdoll to touch a target, by blasting ragdolls out of a cannon. Parts of the environment move and respond to impacts with appropriate physics, and it can be good fun for a quick diversion.

The interface is very straightforward: you fire the cannon in a particular direction by clicking the mouse somewhere in the level, and the further away from the cannon you click, the more powerful the shot. The graphics are simple but nice, and the audio in general is pretty decent. Unfortunately, it’s a bit short (much like this review), with only 25 levels. Great fun though, and definitely worth a try.

Review: “Ball Drop One”

Pretty much any pinball game you play (whether on the computer or in real life) has the flippers at the bottom which you can use to save the ball from disaster, and guide it where you need it to go… but it wasn’t always the way. Many versions of the game (particularly older ones) involve simply dropping the ball and hoping for the best on the way down. Read more Review: “Ball Drop One”

Review: “Park My Car”

Screenshot from 'Park My Car'There have been a few little web-games along the lines of “Park My Car“, but it’s quite fun for a quick play anyway. The premise seems to be that you’re a valet parking assistant who has to park fancy cars in designated spaces for the rich and famous. Refreshingly, you actually fail the level if you squish a passing dog or that blind man who just happens to be wandering past the parking space. (Admittedly, there is at least one Mafia-style level where you have to shoot the bad dudes who are trying to shoot you while you park… as if reversing round corners wasn’t already hard enough!). Read more Review: “Park My Car”

“DroidBattles” — makes learning assembler fun!

Note: Since I originally wrote this post, it looks like the website where DroidBattles was being hosted no longer exists. There appear to be similar projects around which may or may not be related (I haven’t had time to check). For example, here and here.

OK, so it’s not exactly a ‘real’ assembly language, but DroidBattles seems to be an awesome bit of software anyway. The concept is really very simple — you program ‘bots’ (or droids) using an assembler-style language, and pit them against each other in an arena. Read more “DroidBattles” — makes learning assembler fun!

Review: “Word Vine”

In browsing, I discovered this quite simple but excellent game: Word Vine. The objective is essentially to link several small words together into a kind of vine shape (each word being one leaf of the vine), such that the links (or stems) represent compound nouns (that is, words that are made up of smaller words). For example, you might link “post” to “man”, because it makes the word “postman”. You might also link “post” to “office”, and so on. Read more Review: “Word Vine”